Bob Marley / Reel Big Fish / Jurassic 5 / Ozric Tentacles Maritime Hall 1999 MHP70 PROOF

Original rare pressheet poster for July 1999 shows at Maritime Hall in San Francisco, CA featuring Samples, Mother Hips, Reel Big Fish, and Jurassic 5. 25 x 19 on card stock. Art by The Artworks. MHP 70

A pressheet is the uncut poster sheet just as it comes from the press . They have color bars in the margin -used by the printer to check color density, and usually carry cards and / or tickets alongside the poster. They are printed with as much quality as the cut posters. Only a minor amout of pressheets are usually held from the cutting process, thus they tend to be rare.

Bob Marley / Reel Big Fish / Jurassic 5 / Ozric Tentacles /

Genre: The Artworks

Dimensions: 25 x 19 inches

Condition: MINT

Date: 1999

Country: US

SKU: 1803

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