Ozomatli / Testament / Slash's Snakepit Maritime Hall 2000 MHP100 PROOF

Original rare pressheet poster for October 2000 shows at Maritime Hall in San Francisco, CA featuring Front 242, Ozomatli, Testament, and Slash's Snakepit. 25 x 19 on card stock. Art by The Artworks. MHP 100

A pressheet is the uncut poster sheet just as it comes from the press . They have color bars in the margin -used by the printer to check color density, and usually carry cards and / or tickets alongside the poster. They are printed with as much quality as the cut posters. Only a minor amout of pressheets are usually held from the cutting process, thus they tend to be rare.

Ozomatli / Testament / Slash's Snakepit /

Genre: The Artworks

Dimensions: 25 x 19 inches

Condition: MINT

Date: 2000

Country: US

SKU: 1811

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